Monday, May 18, 2009

Day 1

I have to put a bit of a disclaimer here...since I am having to reflect back to right this I will be missing quite a few of the details. Things were moving at such a rapid pace and a lot of it has become blurry in my mind. Sorry!!!

Thursday, May 14th

I went into labor at about 6:30 am. My Dr. had planned on inducing me that morning due to some possible complications she discovered at my last appointment. She was planning on inducing me at 7am, but my labor actually started on its own before she got there. Things started moving very fast, and the nurses were really pleased with how everything was going. Around 1pm they started to worry about London's heart rate, and tried to speed everything up to get him out within the next hour. The nurse kept telling me things like "this baby isn't going to allow for you to push for long, so you are really going to have to work hard and fast at this, but I think you can do it". I started pushing around 1:30, and with each contraction his heart rate was dropping. My dr. told me she would either have to use forceps or do an emergency c-section, and we told her to do whatever she needed to get him out safe. His rate dropped so low and the monitor started going crazy like you see on t.v...scared the crap out of me! Within a few minutes however, he was out and HUGE! 8 lbs, 10.6 ounces and 20.5 inches! (Born at 1:59pm)

After about an hour the nurse handed him to me to feed him, and noticed his color was not right. (He was dark blue). She took him to the nursery and asked mike to go with her. The next 15 minutes seemed like an eternity of silence in the room. Finally Mike and the neonatologist returned into the room and informed me that they would be taking him to the NICU. He had fluid in his lungs and was having trouble breathing. They used a lot of terms I couldn't understand, but basically he didn't transition well. They got him hooked up to an IV and put a catheter in his belly & got him hooked up to oxygen to help his breathing. A specialist from Children's Mercy had to come and access him and let us know he was hopeful for London but his condition was pretty severe and could require a respirator. He said he was experiencing something similar to pulmunary hypertension, and his lungs were having a hard time with the transition. He said that is not uncommon for infants to not make that transition well, but it is usually not as this severity and it's hard to know the cause of why it happened.

We had a lot of amazing people come to see us that day and pray with us. We were at total peace that everything was going to be just fine. God seemed to be giving everyone the same word to just "be still"...that He was in total control!

Here are some pictures from the first few moments before they took him away:

Big boy :)

Chillin' :)

Mike's first good look at him :)

My first time holding him! Don't hate me because my makeup is intact!

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