Monday, May 18, 2009

Day 3 -NICU

Saturday, May 16th

We went to see London around noon and found that they had completely removed his oxygen and he was breathing on his own! As we got there the nurse was putting a tube in his nose in order to feed him. He handled it like a trooper! (He did punch her a few times though) We still were not able to hold him, but it was amazing to see the improvements he had made.
I got discharged from the Hospital around 6:45, during which time the dr.'s are doing reporting for shift change and the NICU is closed. So Mike and I just went home to see Hunter...who was ECSTATIC to see us! We just relaxed for a little and watched some good old F-R-I-E-N-D-S :)

Around 10pm we went back to see London. The nurse told us "your little guy has been making some great progress today". Such a wonderful thing to hear! She told us he was doing well with feeding and that he was even able to take a couple of bottles. The best part was when she asked me "Would you like to hold him?" I about died inside from sheer joy! I hadn't held him since he was first born, and 2 and 1/2 days felt like an eternity!

This was Mike's first time to get to hold him. He never got the chance before they took him away...although he had to watch as they hooked him up to everything and told him things like "Your baby is at very high risk right now". But my Michael is so strong and he was there for the little man every moment he could be. He loves him so's precious!
They were concerned about this rash on his face from all the heat. This picture shows it more than the others, but it looked so bad in really bad burns. His heart rate was also a little low at times while he was sleeping.
We love him soooooooo much!!!!

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