Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Day 6 - NICU

Tuesday, May 19th
I didn't get a chance to go see London until pretty late tonight. I was so beyond exhausted and figured I had better get some sleep while I can! Mike and Renee had gone to spend some time with him this afternoon. Jacinda came over to spend some time with me at dinner and to watch the American Idol finale. It was really refreshing to spend time with her. She is always such an encouragement and so willing to help me with anything and everything I may need. She even brought me some sweet tea just because it's my favorite and I haven't been able to drink it... little things like that mean so much to me!

The nurse told us today that if there is a room available tomorrow they want us to come in and spend the night with London under their care. At first this seemed a little intimidating to me, but the more I thought about it I realized it is a blessing to be able to have them there that first night to ask questions and be reassured of what is "normal". God definitely gives us medical professionals to help us and I am so thankful for people who devote the time to learning all that...it's definitely a lot of hard work! As long as everything stays ok tomorrow night we will be able to take him home on Thursday! Praise the Lord! I am so ready to not have to leave him every night :). Everything with him is pretty much completely normal now... he still has the lights for his jaundice but they are not as high of a degree.

Here are some pictures from the night:
I think this is the best feeling I have ever felt in my life :) And I think I may have a mini me on this earth now. :) (although i have heard mia looks like me haha)
kisses :)

His daddy loves him so much :)


Jeremy Arnold said...

OMG, Melissa! This baby looks IDENTICAL to you. WOW! This must be so exciting for the two of you!!! Congrats!

Learning to Serve said...

AHHHH Melissa! I am so enjoying reading the daily updates!! He definitely looks like you! I hope you have him home SO soon!!!

You look amazing with your little guy in your arms!