Monday, May 18, 2009

Day 5- NICU

Monday, May 18th
We went early in the morning to see little man. We walked in to the NICU found he had been moved to the NICU East. There aren't as many babies over there and they seem to be not as serious as the ones on the West side. His tube in his nose was gone and his catheter had been removed. His rash looked so much better that his nurse didn't even know he had it except for another nurse telling her. We held him for about an hour... I swear time stands still in my mind when I am holding him! The only thing that seemed a little bit of a concern was his oxygen would drop a little below where it should be. (It needed to be over 90% and would go to about nothing too serious.)
Messages for London :)
Mike singing to London...umm this completely melted my heart!!! He is such a great Daddy! He told London to be like his dad and only kiss one girl, and that he wouldn't regret it. (Mike and I have only kissed each other). I hope and pray London has the same integrity as his dad...what an amazing, loving example he has of a what a man of God looks like! I truly believe how we view our dad directly affects how we view God. That relationship is so key to how we approach and relate to God. It makes my heart happy to know that London will have security in who he is in and to God because of Mike. If you only knew the man he is you would wish you could have him as a dad too!!

Later on tonight we went to see London again and found him in his baby "tanning bed." (Must get that from Aunt Megan and Aunt Ashley!) His nurse told us he was doing so well and is just the happiest most well behaved handsome baby. (I wonder if she says this to everyone). She said he really doesn't cry much, he just doesn't like to stay still...sounds like our kid for sure! She told us that their only real concern now is his Bili level due to the Jaundice, which is easy to monitor with him under the lights. She said tomorrow they will try taking him off for a few hours and check his levels. Depending on the results he may be able to go home as soon as Wednesday!!!! Praise God! We only got to hold him for about 10 minutes this time because she had just fed him not too long ago and needed to get him back under the lights. This was probably one of our favorite times with him so far because he was awake the whole time. So stinkin cute!
His face is a little red from the face mask...but oh my goodness I could look at that face all day!
I think he has got his dad's eyes!

He has got his mom's profile!!!


Antioch Church said...

Melissa, he is beautiful ! I'm so glad he's doing better. Let me know if you need absolutely anything.


Jess said...

He is absolutely PRECIOUS, Melissa!! I've been praying for him, and I'm so glad he's improving so quickly! I'm so excited for you to be able to take him home!!! Won't be long! Priase God! :) :) :)

Ms. Munro said...

I love my nephew. And my sister.