Saturday, May 23, 2009


Thursday, May 21st
Finally the day we have been waiting for! Seems like this week has been an eternity long! So glad to finally take the little man home :) The dr. checked his levels before we left and everything was looking good. :) We have to have a home health care nurse come everyday though to keep checking all his levels...especially is Bili level. But overall he is a healthy baby! Praise God!
matching :) heheReady to go!

His first meeting with Hunter went so well...those of you who know us know we have been so afraid of Hunter not liking him. We love our dog and would hate to get rid of him! (Although some days I will not say that haha). But Hunter loved London instantly and is already so protective of him!

Our friends have been dying to see him, so we had a little welcome home party for him :). I didn't get as many pictures as I would have liked (so sorry Ash!!) , I was a little out of it. :) Everyone loves him and that makes me feel so special. He is such a treasure and I know God is going to use him to bring encouragement to so many people.

First time in his crib! :)
Hunter likes to periodically check on "his" baby :)
guarding the cute!


Jess said...

I saw your update after writing on your wall. He is so precious, Melissa!!! I'm so glad he's doing well! Keep up the good work, momma! :)

christy stiller said...

oh my gosh melis.. he is perfect. it makes me almost cry that i am not there. i so wish i could be. he is PERFECT!!!! so adorable. :) and he has stars all over his crib :) i am so proud of you and your family. i talk about you guys all the time. tell london his auntie christy loves him. :)

Learning to Serve said...

Yipppeee!! He looks GREAT!! What about him matching his Daddy already?1 LOVE IT!! Love you guys!

ShElby CrYsTal said...

Ahwwwww! the dog wants to see him.
so cute!