Monday, May 18, 2009

Day 2 NICU

Friday, May 15th

This day was spent doing a lot of the thing no one wants to do...WAITING. Waiting to hear test results, waiting to be able to see him, waiting to be able to hold him. Waiting. I did finally get to see him late that night, but didn't get any pictures. (I wasn't sure what to expect and wasn't sure if I wanted the camera with me).

His oxygen level had been decreased down to about 49 % most of the day, and was down to about 30 % by the end of the night. (Normal breathing is 21% oxygen). He still hadn't been able to eat, and we were not able to hold him.

My sister Megan had surprised me and come into town Wednesday, so it was nice to be able to spend that time with her while we sat around and waited. Mike, Megan and I are all people that can not be expected to stay in one room all day and not go insane, so it led to some fun and crazy times by the end of the night. (Including some booty dancing...which I quickly realized wasn't as fun to do as I had anticipated...who else booty dances after giving birth??)

In the middle of the night God had woken me from my sleep speaking so much peace into my heart. The presence of God was so strong in the room that it overwhelmed me and brought me to tears. God has revealed to me some amazing things about London, so this whole time I have not been worried about his condition. That time I spent with God was just so amazing... praying for London and for other people in my life He was laying on my heart. I am thankful that even in the hard times I can find strength for anyone who needs it because I know where to get mine!

Here are some pictures from the I said...a little silly :)

Somehow when people read this it must say "Knock a little softer and walk in anyway" haha!

Big feet! Okay, so they typed my name as "Melissa Lae Halverson". My nurse said that was not okay and she told them they needed to change that. She marked a little "m" over it so they would know what it should say. So they brought it back "fixed"...when all they did was run it back through the typewriter. Now i have 2 M's. Hey, anything is better than Lae, right?

My sister was a little obsessed with the foamy hand sanitizer. Just a little.

Being creative with my plant sign...hahaha

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