Friday, May 6, 2011

Tonight I am having an evening at home alone.

While most in my shoes would welcome this occasion, I am really not too fond of the idea. I enjoyed my time of being single and childless, but I don't miss those days one bit. I look forward all week to spending Friday night with Mike, so I threw a bit of a pity-party when I realized I would be spending it with Hunter (that dog who got me a ticket) instead.

After I ate my can of worms (still don't understand that expression), I started to look to the positives of spending this night just me and my dog. I try to look for the best in every hangout situation I have, seeing what I can learn from the person I am with. What character traits do they have that I am lacking in? What would my life look like if I was more like them in (fill in the blank) area?

Call me crazy, but I think I just learned more from my dog than I ever expected.

If I could be more like Hunter:

I would love people even if they didn't love me back.

I would accept people for who they are, and not judge them for what they appear to be.

I would enjoy creation more.

I would be able to fall asleep in 20 seconds or less.

I would try something that scares me, even if everyone told me not to.

I would face my giants, even if they are rottweilers and I'm just a runt.

I would forgive people in 10 seconds.

I would like the taste of tap water.

I would fight for the safety of others, even if I had to die trying.

I would be happy to live anywhere, as long as my family is with me.

I would not be a picky eater.

I would run like there's no stopping me.

I would probably do something like this:

Happy Friday, everyone! Enjoy your night no matter what situation you find yourself in. Don't do anything my dog wouldn't do!